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Welcome, Storyteller.

My name is Jason. And if you’re visiting my site, then there’s something I know about you…

You’ve got a compelling story to tell.

But you need some help. And there are lots of story coaches and editors out there. Why work with me?

Because I understand story inside-out.

I have the writing background, as author and teacher, but I also have 25 years of experience in professional theatre. I’ve acted stories on the stage, directed stories in the rehearsal room, interrogated stories on the script page, and polished stories to keep audiences leaning forward in their seats.

I can help you tell your story… theatrically.

That means visceral. That means cathartic. That means exquisite and suspenseful and impactful.

So whether you’re an author, a playwright, or a memoirist…

…if you’ve got a story, I can help you craft it.

“Having spent the best part of my 72 years, performing on stage, performing in acting class, and drafting the written word, I can quite comfortably say that Jason Cannon is the most talented practitioner of teaching the performance arts of anyone I have ever met.  His ability to visualize the written word, as it might appear in the staged setting is unsurpassed. In addition to that, the commitment that he brings to his classroom setting is inspiring. He has given me new meaning to the expression, ‘there is somebody that is doing what he loves!'”


“Jason has been an inspiring playwriting instructor who has taught me the art of story structure, raising the stakes, and creating a captivating protagonist’s journey for a theater audience. His vast experience as a writer, actor, and director has enabled him to be a great mentor. He is able to envision what will work on stage and make suggestions to improve any script presented for his input. I would strongly recommend Jason to anyone looking for professional guidance on their writing.”

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Story Coaching

Let’s look at the big picture and ensure your structure is sound.

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Copy Editing & Proofreading

Let’s polish, tighten, and sharpen.

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Let’s make it beautiful.

My newest release!

“Straight-up revolutionized my thinking.”

Sarah Bierstock, actress/playwright/artistic director

“A must-read.”

Sean Daniels, artistic director

“[Cannon’s] penetrating insights apply to anyone in any profession.”

Jeffrey Couchman, author/playwright/professor
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“THIS ABOVE ALL is brimming with philosophical insights and practical advice… Essential reading for anyone wanting to harness their passion into a meaningful and sustainable creative practice.”

Deborah Brevoort, playwright/librettist/professor

 “Jason is an incredibly talented and competent actor, director, educator, and leader in the theater arts. We attend more than 50 plays a year, and we are major contributors to theaters in Sarasota. A great deal of our ability to understand and enjoy theater is directly attributable to Jason.  We have attended his courses over the years, and they have been exceptional.”


“As a self-professed theater nerd, I am always searching for more theater and theater background.  It was my great fortune to meet and begin taking classes from Jason Cannon.  In the 8 years I had the pleasure of taking Jason’s classes, I learned more about theater than I ever thought possible, the whole theatrical experience; writing, tech, costuming, acting, and script creation.  Because of Jason, I am a more informed, more appreciative audience member. Jason Cannon is wonderful!”


Author photos by Shyla Rose Photography

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So, what’s your story?