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A Clockwork Orange

HotCity Theatre

Director, 2007


  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  The serious questions that Burgess asks about morality and individual choice resonate on stage, partly because director Jason Cannon doesn’t sugar-coat Alex’s nature. Among many other things, he stages a rape — a scene that knocks out any sympathy for Alex but also keeps the action electric…. The gangs are coed, a twist that works because Cannon sets it up as a straightforward matter of fact.    
  • KDHX:  Director Jason Cannon and a cast of nine create a moment (a two-hour moment, granted) on stage, untouched by any relationship to reality, yet powerful in its impact.        
  • KWMU:  Jason Cannon directed the drama… and handles the difficult story, including the violence, quite well… Young Jared Nell is simply terrific as Alex… A violent story, but gripping… a worthy evening.
  • Ladue News:  Kudos to Jared Nell, who immerses himself in the despicable but well-etched character of Alex… Nell keeps our eyes transfixed upon him in revulsion and fascination.  His work is the pinnacle of Jason Cannon’s intricate direction, which successfully captures the essence of the story… a show that will make you think, and shudder.