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Brooklyn Boy

The New Jewish Theatre

Lead Actor (“Eric Weiss”), 2009


  • Ladue News:  TOP TEN PLAY OF 2009


  • KDHX:  This is the best work I’ve seen Jason Cannon do.  Ever.  His Eric Weiss carries the show, and Cannon seems in control every single second.
  • Ladue News:  Jason Cannon, as Eric, is on stage the entire time and is vital to the overall impact of this production.  His powerful interpretation of Eric is one of his best performances yet, and a script-reading scene in his agent’s office is the show’s single most moving moment.  It’s a superior and highly satisfying portrayal that captures Eric’s loneliness and emotional isolation… [the] direction was compelling and focused throughout, aided immeasurably by Jason Cannon, whose powerful interpretation of tortured novelist Eric Weiss was on display for the entire show.
  • West End Word:  The performances at the New Jewish Theatre make this production a pleasure to watch. Jason Cannon portrays Eric Weiss with rich understatement… a production that makes you proud of St. Louis’ theater artists.
  • RiverFront Times:  Jason Cannon’s dominant portrayal of the author is eloquently understated… one of the theater highlights of 2009.   
  •  Jason Cannon does terrific work here as Eric, a man who’s trying get a handle on his sudden success while other parts of his life are in disarray. Cannon is consistent throughout, and his interaction with each of the other actors is believable and honest. It’s easily one of his best performances I’ve seen this year.  
  • St. Louis Jewish Light:  Jason Cannon is outstanding in the emotionally demanding role of Eric Weiss… Brooklyn Boy should be on everyone’s must-see list.
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  As Eric, Jason Cannon gives a gentlemanly performance.
  • Joe Pollack stlouiseats:  Eric Weiss (the always impressive Jason Cannon)…