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BUDDY: The Buddy Holly Story

Florida Studio Theatre

Director, 2021

Experience the true story of Buddy Holly’s meteoric rise to fame, from “That’ll Be the Day” hitting the airwaves in 1957 to “The Day The Music Died” two years later. With over a dozen of Holly’s greatest hits brought to life by performers playing their own instruments, Buddy celebrates the legend who changed the face of Rock & Roll forever. Featuring Holly’s “Peggy Sue,” “Everyday,” and “Oh Boy,” plus Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba” and The Big Bopper’s “Chantilly Lace.”


Longboat Key Life  I  December 14, 2021  I Inside FST’s Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story

Sarasota Herald-Tribune  I  November 1, 2021  I  FST actor discovers secret to becoming Buddy Holly on stage

BroadwayWorld  I October 8, 2021  I  Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story to open FST’s 21-22 Winter Mainstage Series


Broadway World
“The audience [wants] the show the never end”
“Immense talent”

The Sarasota Observer
“All about the music”
“Great musicians”
“Vastly entertaining”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
“A party”
“Makes the music sound alive”
“Fun to watch”
“The hits just keep coming”
“Gets audience members dancing in their seats and singing to old favorites”

Sarasota Magazine
“Rocks out”
“Captures the excitement of Holly’s songwriting career”
“Performed with great energy and skill”

Talkin’ Broadway
Buddy is a big hit for Florida Studio Theatre”
“A lot of fun”
“Really exciting”

Total Theater
“Stands out”