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HotCity Theatre / The Greenhouse

Director, Designer (Scenic, Lights, Sound), 2005


  • KDHX:   A very special kind of theater… It’s a bit surprising, in fact, that a one-man piece of two full hours’ duration can be as engaging as this… nothing in [Jerry Vogel’s] performance or in his creative collaboration with director Jason Cannon will disappoint… for theatergoes who have any sort of spirit of adventure, this is must-see theater.  
  • Ladue News:  There are moments of wonderful hilarity, realized fully under director Jason Cannon’s shrewd and meticulous eye for nuance.    
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  Talk about getting off on the right foot… a pull-out-the-stops performance.    
  • PlaybackSTL:  a show that gets to showcase one of the city’s best actors and one of the city’s best directors… a show that should not be missed.    
  • Talkin’ Broadway:  The prospect is brought frighteningly alive by director Jason Cannon (who also created the dramatic lighting)… There is a fine art to irony, which is rarely attained in the performing arts. Here, Lee Blessing and Jerry Vogel mesh beautifully together as playwright and actor (through director Cannon) to make the fates of Kerr and Pooley hauntingly and ironically attractive.