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Florida Studio Theatre / Stage III

Director, 2018

Can one word alter the course of your life? A simple encounter between a man and a woman leads to a spellbinding journey across time and space. Science and romance collide in this unusual love story of infinite possibilities and the difference between choice and destiny. CONSTELLATIONS by Nick Payne will play beginning February 21, 2018 in the Bowne’s Lab Theatre. ​​




  • YOUROBSERVER: Quite amazing… Jason Cannon’s direction walks the razor’s edge of compassion and heartlessness. The play’s fractured realities are supposedly random. As if a machine, not a playwright, was responsible for what you see. You care, because the entity behind the show doesn’t. It’s quite a hattrick, and Cannon pulls it off.
  • SARASOTA MAGAZINE: In the hands of the actors and director Jason Cannon, Constellations is remarkably effective… That the play succeeds in touching us as deeply as it does is, of course, a credit to the playwright. But it’s also absolutely critical that the two actors, and the director steering them, are simpatico… Stellar.
  • ​​SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE: Captivating… Fine performances.