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Doubt: A Parable

Dramatic License Productions

Director, Lead Actor (“Father Flynn”), Sound Design, 2009


    • WINNER:  Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play
      • Outstanding Production of a Play
      • Outstanding Director of a Play
      • Outstanding Ensemble in a Play
      • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play


  • KDHX: Jason Cannon has directed himself to one of his best performances, just like in his ‘accidental’ Hamlet a few years back. He and Furlow work together like a well-oiled machine… The electricity between Furlow and Jason Cannon is palpable as they play out the crucial confrontation scene… Overall, from the moment he appeared before us in the only spot of light on the stage to deliver the first line of the play as the opening of a homily: ‘What do you do when you’re not sure,’ until his final act, reluctantly dialing a phone, I believed him.
  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  Furlow and Cannon (who also directs) give juicy performances that drip with conviction… Whether delivering sermons or coaching the basketball team, the priest sounds utterly at ease, taking his own authority for granted. 
  • Ladue News:  Despite the play’s wordiness, its 90 minutes play out quickly in the show’s single act and maintain a riveting intensity throughout thanks to director Jason Cannon’s sharp focus… [Doubt] offers a quartet of outstanding performances that keep tensions high and, yes, doubt firmly entrenched in the minds of its audience… [a] riveting and thought-provoking presentation… Jason Cannon is beguilingly direct as the accused priest, cunningly conveying the man’s shock, anger, resourcefulness and vulnerability at key points, while keeping his character’s true confession a coy secret.    ​
  • Joe Pollack,  A new theater company. A powerful, award-winning play. A fine cast in good form. Strong direction. Those parts should add up to a successful evening of theater, and they do… Cannon’s direction is spot-on… Cannon is superb, never hitting a false note, whether he is delivering a sermon or trying to climb from the pit where Sister Aloysius is trying to bury him.    
  • Dramatic License Productions makes a strong initial foray with this riveting presentation, driven by four terrific performances… Jason Cannon does excellent work directing this production. The pace is brisk, and the actors appear completely focused in their roles… Jason Cannon also impresses as Father Flynn… Cannon wisely plays Flynn with a sincerity that makes it difficult to understand, and sometimes believe, the allegations made against him. He’s at his best during his sermons, but his face-off with Sister Aloysius is truly compelling stuff.    
  • Talkin’ Broadway:  Surprisingly powerful, challenging and touching… stands toe-to-toe with the recent movie… This excellent production also features beautifully nuanced performances throughout… It’s a huge victory whenever things work together so perfectly, and it’s a daring gambit to stage the play at all, in the wake of the movie and recent theatrical tours. Excellent, beyond a doubt.