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Ozark Actors Theatre

Producer, Director, Lead Actor (“Dr. Zubritsky”), 2013


  • Rolla Daily News:  Directed by Jason Cannon, who also plays Dr. Zubritsky, Sophia’s sweet, addled father, the play moves from scene to scene with great comic timing and hilarity. The comic nuances did not go unnoticed. Jason is an accomplished man of the theatre and with this great comic ensemble he has created a really hilarious production. OAT is fortunate indeed to have Jason at the helm. I pray that he will keep his association with Ozark Actor’s Theatre for many years to come… My throat ached from laughter as I left the theatre… a brilliant job telling this hilarious story about these dimwitted characters. 
  • Ladue News:  Fools is a witty, charming and entertaining excursion into a land of absurdity, something director Jason Cannon understands precisely as he guides his enthusiastic cast through two hours of merriment and upbeat madness… Some delightful performances embellish the presentation, which Cannon keeps moving at a brisk and engaging pace… Cannon knows how to deliver funny lines with a deadpan expression that enhances their impact