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Handle With Care

Florida Studio Theatre

Director, 2019

A young woman from Israel, Ayelet, reluctantly joins her grandmother on a trip to the United States. Circumstances both absurd and tragic bring Ayelet, who has little command of the English language, together with Josh, a young American man who has little command of romance, on Christmas Eve. Is their inevitable love an accident…or is it destiny, generations in the making?



Sarasota Herald-Tribune
“Sweet, touching”
“Moving and beautiful”
“Warms the heart”
“A story about second chances, breaking through barriers and making needed connections”
“Wonderful, reflective”
“Full of life and emotion”

Sarasota Magazine
“A sweet holiday package”
“Carries a message of love and understanding”
“It is a holiday package […] audiences will enjoy opening”

The Observer
“[An] unconventional romantic comedy”
“Comedic gold”
“A lot of fun”

Total Theater
“There’s a lot to show why family and friends’ connections are important and affect everyone’s lives”

Bradenton Times
“Tight and smart romantic comedy”
“A touching story to tug on the heartstrings of any romantic”
“Immensely poignant”
“A lovely way to spend an evening”