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How to Use a Knife

Florida Studio Theatre

Director, 2018

In the chaotic hustle of a Wall Street restaurant, Chef George gets a fresh start when he takes over this melting pot of a kitchen. Two rowdy Guatemalan line cooks, a wet-behind-the-ears busboy and a reserved African dishwasher serve up drama nightly. The heat really turns up when the authorities arrive, looking for a wanted man. Fast paced and gritty, HOW TO USE A KNIFE explores both the personal and moral questions that arise when the ugliness of the past boils over.




  • SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE:  Gripping… raw, unadorned… Director Jason Cannon keeps the action flowing, with a good mix of comic highs and serious lows.
  • YOUROBSERVER:  Paradoxical mix of horror and hilarity… a smart black comedy, well-directed and acted at FST… Director Jason Cannon delivers on Snider’s short, sharp shock of a play. It’s a 90-minute thrill ride. Often hilarious. But it never feels safe for one second.
  • TALKINBROADWAY:  A superb ensemble cast… Director Jason Cannon makes the limitations of Bowne’s Lab Theatre a plus for this production… he keeps the focus on the characters and the plot. He does amazing work just keeping seven characters moving with purpose in a tiny playing space… provocative theatre at its best.
  • TOTALTHEATER.COM:  Jason Cannon’s direction wins serious attention for the issues raised… His prescribing of suggestive props works well to set the scene, and it’s important that all the implements of cooking and serving are real so that the titled knife is not an anomaly. He’s made #1 good directorial choices for Stage III.