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Florida Studio Theatre

Director, 2020

REGIONAL PREMIERE. William Kunstler’s huge personality and tremendous appetite for life made him a formidable force both inside and outside the courtroom. The colorful, perpetually rumpled defense lawyer, whose best-known clients include the Chicago Seven, a member of the Central Park 5, and inmates involved in the Attica prison riots, makes a case for his often unconventional pursuit of justice. Tensions flare when a brilliant young law student objects to his appearance at her college campus, and is determined to confront him.


SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE  I  January 16, 2020  I Kunstler looks at life of colorful, controversial attorney

SARASOTA MAGAZINE  I  January 21, 2020  I  Playwright Jeffrey Sweet Talks About Play Kunstler, Now Onstage at FST



Sarasota Herald-Tribune
“It only takes a minute or two for him to fully draw you in…”

The Observer
“Full throttle”
“Simply brilliant”
“It gets the wheels of your mind turning” 

Sarasota Magazine
“Mossler…brings Kunstler vivdly to life”

Total Theater

The Bradenton Times
“Will stay with you long after the final scene”
“Keeps you engaged”
“Mossler makes a great Kunstler”
“Mossler and Clements have great chemistry”