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Last Rights

Florida Studio Theatre

Project Manager, Lead Interviewer, Playwright, Director, 2015-16

  • ​​3M/3W (all 50s+), but cast is expandable.
  • Documentary Style (script built out of interviews), actors on book.
  • No set required.
  • Approximately 110 minutes including intermission.

LAST RIGHTS is the second chapter in Florida Studio Theatre’s FOR THE AGES project, a series of documentary plays built out of interviews with real people in our community.  In 2015, OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER examined various aspects of aging.  One of the aspects that most resonated with both our interviewees and our audience was end of life.

Everyone dies, and the issues surrounding this incontrovertible fact range from moral, political, and cultural to legal, medical, and financial. What has come clear in the course of our interviewing is that most people aren’t necessarily afraid of death. Rather they are afraid of how they are going to die.  LAST RIGHTS explores the various rituals humanity has built around death, and dig into the difficult questions surrounding end of life, such as DNR, death with dignity, assisted dying, hospice, and how we as a culture and a species define mercy, pain, and compassion.

Florida Studio Theatre, Sept 2016