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Measure for Measure

Mustard Seed Theater

Lead Actor (“Duke”), 2008


RiverFront Times:  The three leads — Jason Cannon, Jennifer Theby and Jim Butz — do marvelous work. Cannon brings a steely intelligence to the Duke, and his Friar is dry, caustic and always the smartest person in the room; Cannon playfully underlines this last fact with an arsenal of wry faces pulled for the audience’s benefit.   

KDHX:  Jason Cannon is, as always, a towering physical presence, almost a force of nature.    

Ladue News:  Director Deanna Jent takes full advantage of the considerable talents of the major performers in her cast to make this version a rousing and riveting success. Particularly strong are Jason Cannon as the noble duke… Cannon’s strengths with enunciation and interpretation allow us to follow the duke’s machinations.

KWMU:  Strong performances from Jason Cannon and Jim Butz bring life to “Measure for Measure.”  

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:  Vienna’s Duke (the commanding Jason Cannon)…