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Moonlight and Magnolias

Dramatic License Productions

Director, 2012


  • Two on the Aisle: [A previous production two months earlier at a different company] had serious flaws, which I attributed to the script.  After seeing the Dramatic License production, I think better of the script.  At Dramatic License director Jason Cannon has his cast moving at the crisp pace this comedy needs… This time I quite enjoyed MOONLIGHT AND MAGNOLIAS.  
  •  A splendid evening of entertainment with a fine staging of the fitfully funny work… Jason Cannon’s direction milks this production for maximum laughs.
  • Ladue News:  Cannon elicits fine work by his players, keeping them on cue within the accelerating anarchy in Selznick’s office.
  • StageDoorSTL:  Director Jason Cannon has directed this wild and wooly production with the proper sense of urgency and bedlam.   
  •  Three fine actors and one very fine director just happened to “take over” [Ron Hutchinson’s] show. Jason Cannon is that director.