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Other People’s Money

Florida Studio Theatre

Director, 2018

Fast-talking Wall Street shark Lawrence Garfinkle —also known as “Larry the Liquidator”—has his sights set on taking over the undervalued stock of New England Wire and Cable. It’s up to Kate Sullivan, a determined big-city lawyer, to stop Larry from gutting the company. Can Kate save her hometown’s esteemed business from being conquered by Larry? Loaded with conflict, comedy, and a touch of romance, Other People’s Money delves into the seedy and deceptive world of business.




  • YOUROBSERVER:  Laugh-out-loud funny… Director Jason Cannon goes for the laughs without glossing over the harsh realities or falling into a sitcom rhythm. The play’s also full of financial inside-baseball. Cannon keeps it lucid, without getting bogged down… Spitfire performance… This slice of recent history will keep you laughing. And remind you of what we’ve lost.
  • SARASOTA MAGAZINE: Compelling, steadily entertaining… Director Jason Cannon keeps the scene shifts moving smoothly along.
  • TOTAL THEATRE: Forceful direction by Jason Cannon… Comedy is plentiful.
  • TALKINBROADWAY: The cast features several company regulars and is strong from top to bottom… Director Jason Cannon keeps the story in focus and he gets solid performances from his cast… A darn fine production… Excellent performance…
  • SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE: Lively… Funny… Grabs you by the throat.