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Rounding Third

Florida Studio Theatre

Director, 2021

Meet Don and Michael, two polar opposites whose lives are in no way going according to plan. When destiny lands their sons on the same Little League team, the men are forced to coach the group together. Don is a win-at-all-costs baseball veteran, while Michael is a newcomer to the game who just wants the kids to have fun. As the pair experiences breathtaking victories and crushing defeats both on and off the field, they discover they have a lot to learn from life’s unexpected curveballs.


SARASOTA HERALD-TRIBUNE  I  July 24, 2021  I  Coaches battle on best approach to youth baseball in FST’s ‘Rounding Third’

BROADWAY WORLD  I  July 13, 2021  I  “Rounding Third” Will Be Performed at Florida Studio Theatre This Summer


Sarasota Magazine
“A fun summertime outing”
“Deeply meaningful”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
“Quite a few laughs”

Talkin’ Broadway

The Bradenton Times
“Smartly written”
“The perfect fare for the dog days of August”

Total Theater
“An Odd Couple”
“Very pleasing”