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Skin in Flames

HotCity Theatre / The Greenhouse

Producer, Director, 2006


  • Named BEST PLAY OF 2006 by the Ladue News


RiverFront Times:  Anyone attending Skin in Flames is advised to wear asbestos clothes. This intense Spanish drama by Guillem Clua, which is receiving its American premiere at the hands of HotCity Theatre’s GreenHouse, ignites a theatrical wildfire of suspense and surprise that sears the imagination. 

KDHX:  The GreenHouse has no lavish budget, but it’s hard to see where spending more money on this production would have made it better… If Mr. Cannon had done no more than to ensure that this potentially confusing [play] would be readily comprehensible throughout, that alone would be a noteworthy accomplishment. In fact, a respectful approach to the serious intent and vision of the text is evident throughout.    

Intermission Magazine:  The direction of this violent and difficult play was by Jason Cannon, and he handled his actors with both insight and restraint.   

Ladue News:  An extraordinary, brilliant exercise in theater, a masterwork compellingly presented in direction, acting and overall execution.  Jason Cannon’s direction is exquisitely incisive, allowing his performers to reach their best potential within judicious guidelines… a must-see.