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Stalking the Bogeyman

Florida Studio Theatre

Director, 2017

follows renowned journalist David Holthouse’s secret pursuit of justice for a crime hidden for 25 years. This new play explores the dangers of vengeance, the power of forgiveness, and the strength of family.



Sarasota Herald-Tribune:  Staged by Jason Cannon in the theater’s intimate Bowne’s Lab, this is a bare bones production, with just a few chairs and a wire kitchen shelving rack for a set and a few props. It doesn’t need anything else because the performances and story are so gripping that you can get lost in each brief scene… Startles and surprises… Florida Studio Theatre promised something different and more challenging with its revived Stage III series and it delivers with the compelling, disturbing and surprisingly enlightening drama “Stalking the Bogeyman”… isn’t always easy to watch but its grit and frankness make it so fascinating and involving… grabs you from the first line and rarely lets go for its full 75-minute running time… provides unexpected rewards for those seeking something a bit more daring.  Stalking the Bogeyman is brilliantly directed by Jason Cannon who two years ago gave a performance in a play called Dancing Lessons that stood out as a memorable leading performance in that season. He is one very talented man… Packs a wallop… This play is very honest and also graphic. I believe it is the best depiction I have ever seen of the subject… It seems that once, perhaps twice, each season I see a performance that I know is going to remain in my memory for that year. David Perez-Ribada as David Holthouse is unquestionably one of those performances for this season… I was totally mesmerized from the start… Terrific work… Everything comes together to make this production unforgettable theater… It is not to be missed.

The Observer:  Jason Cannon directs with a restrained economy that fits the short, sharp shock of the subject matter… Slaps you in the face with the first line.  So well directed by Jason Cannon… beautifully directed dramatic telling of a poignant story.

Sarasota Magazine:  Taut… effectively directed by Jason Cannon… memorable performances… packs a punch.