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The Cottage

Florida Studio Theatre

Director, 2019

REGIONAL PREMIERE. Set in the English countryside in 1923, this sexy comedy of love and betrayal unfolds when Sylvia Van Kipness decides to expose her secret love affair to her husband. The true meanings of love and marriage are called into question as a surprising, hilarious web of secrets unravels in this ridiculous—potentially murderous—romantic comedy.



  • TOTAL THEATER: Director Jason Cannon assures no activity is plodding nor reference to other plays obtrusive… The Cottage is perfect light entertainment to bring to a close FST’s successful summer season.  But this farce would have had me laughing with delight at any time, and I think it will have the same effect on you.
  • SARASOTA MAGAZINE:  The cast, attractively attired in Abby Parker’s swanky costumes and getting physical all over Andrea Bechert’s appealing set (complete with gramophone, knickknacks and a looming portrait of a family matriarch), plays the often clever dialogue and the action to the hilt, under the direction of Jason Cannon… The show’s timing is spot on
  • ​​TALKIN BROADWAY: Jason Cannon directs well… The Cottage is a fun throwback to a long ago style and era, a pleasant way to end the Summer Mainstage series. Audiences will get lots of laughs from the sexual escapades of these mismatched couples.
  • THE OBSERVER: Hilarious, clever and ridiculous in the best way possible… Director Jason Cannon gets the most from a splendid cast.
  • BROADWAY WORLD:  Director Jason Cannon has done a fine job of nailing the tongue-in-cheek nuances and allowing his actors to have some fun with their characters. The Cottage is an amusing romp to watch and enjoy.