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Various University Projects


St. Louis University / Director, 2012

Miss Julie

Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville / Director, 2010

The Triumph of Love

Lindenwood University / Director, 2006

The RiverFront Times:  Michael B. Perkins is deft at mannered comedy and Rebecca Helms as the princess’ brash maid is positively insistent that you follow her exposition. Nicely done.

The Seagull

Fontbonne University / Director, 2005

KDHX:  Directed with superb understanding and style by Jason Cannon, Fontbonne’s production brings the suffocating existence of 19th century Russian life to the fore on the compact collegiate stage.  It’s one thing for a university theater department to attempt a production of a work by one of the world’s great playwrights. It’s something else entirely to carry out that ambition as successfully as Fontbonne University has done with its interpretation of Anton Chekhov’s masterwork, The Seagull.

Bloody Poetry

Washington University in St. Louis / Director, 2005

 KDHX:  A few years ago I sat in on a week of Mr. Cannon’s rehearsals for another show, and was deeply impressed by his energetic, insightful handling of his actors… I was pleased to get caught in Mr. Cannon’s intelligent clutches half-way in to act one Friday night: I scribbled something about “the lack of intimacy” in the staging, with a familiar feeling of triumph and cleverness. Eventually, though, I wised-up and realized that this was one of the most important points of the story: that Shelley and Byron were both operating only tangentially to the world at large, as they shot through it like roaring jet-liners.