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Wheelchair Chicken

A 10-Minute Tragicomedy

  • 2M/1W (all 70s+)
  • Simple Unit Set, Interior, Present Day
  • 10 minutes

​Roy has never lost a game of wheelchair chicken at Rest Haven and lives solely for the glory of game day. As he is preparing for his next match, his oracular roommate Whit and recovering gambling addict girlfriend Shirley try to save him not only from his obsession but also from the wrath of Rest Haven’s staff. Unwilling or unable to face reality, Roy spurns their loving attempts and rolls away. His sure victory, however, is upended by a tragedy that strips him of all he holds dear.

Finalist at Twelfth Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival, May 2017

Finalist at 8th Annual Festival of Shorts, July 2017